Rach James

Rafeh Qazi

When you have the world's best virtual assistant on your team. Her actual title on the team isn't even VA, it's actually "The Protector of the Realm"... Cause really she's running everything and protects me from all the evil out in the world.
I love how she gets "carried away" with ideas of creating long nurture sequences for our email list 😂.
Note to all the online marketing bosses out there running online businesses. The perfect VA is out there. You just have to believe 🔥.
Here is what your VA should be like:
  • brutally protect your energy from everything that's not necessary
  • has equal/better critical thinking skills than you
  • should make you feel dumb (cause your VA is that savvy). Side note here, I'm incredibly skilled with technical things. I would make an amazing VA and I thought it'd be impossible to work with someone who's better. I've been proven wrong. It's still hard to believe.
  • doesn't do what you say. Thinks, and then does it better.
  • understands you better than your own mother. So when you explain something when your brain is permafried from working on launches, your VA "just gets it"
  • manage projects & prioritize like a boss like "listen dummy, it's cute you wanna make fun YouTube videos, but we got a launch in 20 days. So, chop chop."
  • connect your Google spreadsheet w/samcart and deadline funnel through zapier in a way where it automagically tells you your evergreen funnel stats (conversions, sales) per month 🤯. (Yes, this skill specifically).
Thank you Rachel James for everything that you do!
🔗 Clever Programmer (Qazi’s happy to be contacted as a reference, if needed)