Rach James

Kelly Pietrangeli

Have you ever had a person come into your life at exactly the time you needed them? As if you attracted them like a magnet? ? That's how I feel about @rachjamesva
I was running Project Me as a one-woman-show for too long, struggling to do it all myself and yet unable to imagine what I'd be willing to let go of. I mean, how on earth could anyone do it as good as I'd do it. (Yep, control freak vibes all over it.) ?
I finally reached a point where I decided to throw it out there to the universe - 'Please send me an amazing VA who already follows Project Me and will be as dedicated as I am to growing this into its greatest potential so we can reach more women who need it.' ? ✨ And the universe answered. ✨
I held a workshop in London in September 2017 and Rachel showed up. She was a lovely mother of a three year old girl who'd travelled 187 miles from Wales, leaving her house at 6am to make the workshop. AND... she was a VA! ?
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! ?????? Rachel's become my incredible side-kick (her tech skills are mind-boggling!) and she's been instrumental in getting the new Project WE Membership Hub into shape.