Rach James

Hey, I’m Rach!

A little about me...
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Here’s the TLDR: Digital Business Manager with 15 years ops experience across Accountancy and Online Business industries. I work closely with Digital Community leaders, handling all the operations and moving parts, freeing up mental energy so you can focus on vision and impact. 🤍 I'm super pro-active and solutions focused, passionate about the power of community and a massive systems and tech Nerd (Notion 🤩 ).I'm also mum to two epic little girls, starting up a podcast & a local co-working space for parents, and love Disney & travel.
I’m a tech, systems and online marketing sidekick to kind, creative, brilliant humans who run online businesses (Online Business Manager & Tech VA if you want to get fancy)
That might look like...
⭐ a sounding board for your goals, dreams and ideas...
⭐ bringing those brilliant ideas to life. Whether it’s a new product, a system, a membership site, a launch... using project management, hands-on implementation and bucket loads of shared enthusiasm until we have lift-off.
⭐ taming tech gremlins. Landing pages, automations, email autoresponders, integrations.... if I don't know how to do it, I'll have fun figuring it out or finding the perfect person who does 🤓
⭐ Implementing your strategy and tracking real results so we know what moves the needle.
⭐ Building and nurturing a wonderful team, if that’s right for you.
⭐ Protecting your energy. A {friendly, helpful, problem-solving} buffer between you and the rest of the world
⭐ Setting up simple financial systems so you can know - and learn to love- your numbers
⭐ Mapping out all the moving parts in the biz machine so it exists outside your head (think SOPs and a digital second brain)
⭐ Systemising. Using tech, automations, systems and hiring to save time and make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Always looking for opportunities to grease the wheels and rev up the engine...
Really though... the name of the game for me is I get to HELP other humans... to help other humans... by sharing a bit more of their brilliance.
A bit more time and headspace to create, to scale up, or to slow down and take a break, to play with the kids more...
Why me...
I started out as a Tech & online marketing VA back in early 2017, at the tail end of a 10-year career in the accountancy field - I sat a whole bunch of exams, worked from small family run businesses right the way through to big corporate Deloitte, and learned so much along the way. My love for tech, systems and problem solving was born.
The turning point for me was when my daughter was about 2.5 years old. I was commuting for 2-3 hours a day, pretty darn miserable in the office environment, and wanted so badly to be around for her fully when she started nursery school that September.
Enter, discovering the world of Online Business. 🤩
I remember randomly stumbling across Pat Flynn’s blog on a train commute one morning, and feeling like the heavens had opened.
There was a magical world where you could do impactful work, on a much more level playing field based on skill, creativity, resourcefulness... and it was full of the most wonderful, supportive humans.
I love the incredible power of great systems, ops and people in transforming your business and life. 🤍
I’ve been the OBM in an online education company for 4 years, managing launches, copywriting, setting up systems and overseeing operations. I’ve also worked with several other businesses along the way who provide all sorts of wonderful programs and services online.
I nerd out over tech for fun - love earning new systems and tech tools, exploring online marketing strategy, and teaching myself new skills to grow myself and my clients’ businesses. I’m super pro-active and solutions-focused, and I love to help.
To get to know be a little better...
Right now I’m working on...
→ Digital Biz Manager certification (all things systems, project management and team. yay! 🥳)
→ Slowly building a writing habit (Ship30in30 🚢  March cohort, ahoy!)
→ Mastering Notion (🤓  Notion Mastery)
→ My Karate purple belt 🥋
→ Learning more about ADHD & neuro diversity
→ Setting up a local co-working & networking community for parents 🤍
→ daydreaming about creating a podcast 🎙️
My Values ...
Family | Creativity | Self-actualisation | Connection
If we seem like a good fit, I’d love you to read the words from some of my lovely clients below and check out my services as a guide to what I can do (it’s not exhaustive, and I’m always up for a chat about your project!)
I’ll be adding some case studies on former projects very soon, for a bit more insight.
Say hello to me online in any of these places…
Thanks so much!
Rachel 🤍